Twilight School enrolling now

Twilight School enrolling now
Twilight School enrolling now

            The Twilight School program at Kokomo High School is flexible and designed to help people earn a high school diploma. This alternative education program is open to all ages – with graduates, so far, as young as 18 and as old as 74. Courses are available in the evenings – 3 to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 3 to 6 p.m. Friday. With its individualized approach, the Twilight School has a high level of success.

            Since Twilight School began in 2012, more than 300 students in the program have earned Kokomo High School diplomas. Read the stories of Cecelia Calderon, Josh Glassburn-Ruby, Micky Driver, Ginny Holmes, Dionna Webb, and Quinlyn Copeland – six Kokomo High School graduates who earned their high school diplomas in 2017 through the Twilight School, and were eligible to walk across the stage at Memorial Gymnasium during Commencement Exercises in June.


Cecelia Calderon

            Cecelia Calderon, 18, enrolled in the Twilight School her junior year after falling behind in classes following a family situation. Cecelia’s parents asked KHS officials that Cecelia and her sister be allowed to complete their high school education in this alternative program… fearing the pair wouldn’t graduate otherwise.

            Cecelia, who had attended Kokomo High School, had one condition, though; she wouldn’t enroll in the Twilight School unless she still could complete the Auto Tech and Collision Repair courses at the Kokomo Area Career Center.

            The Twilight School staff worked to create an individualized education plan that was tailored to meet Cecelia’s needs. That plan allowed Cecelia to take KACC courses in the afternoon, and complete her Twilight classes in the evening. By the end of her junior year, the KACC collision repair teacher helped Cecelia secure a full-time position at Button Dodge, as an auto technician. Cecelia was able to work full time during her senior year because she completed her Twilight work in the evening.

            “Because of the Twilight School, I was able to start my career early, which was a huge opportunity for me because I really wanted to work on cars,” Cecelia explained.

            The teachers in the Twilight School made it easy for Cecelia to complete her coursework. The staff provided her extra support when she needed it, and they always were available to answer her questions, Cecelia added. With the staff’s help, both Cecelia – and her sister – were able to walk across the stage at Memorial Gym in June to accept their Kokomo High School diplomas.

            “The amazing teachers in Twilight School helped me graduate on time,” Cecelia concluded. “The Twilight School is a great benefit to students, both young and old. I’d recommend the Twilight program to anyone.”


Josh Glassburn-Ruby

            Josh Glassburn-Ruby, 37, walked away from high school when he was 18; he was six credits shy of graduation.

            For years, Josh had been able to find jobs without a high school diploma. Most recently, he worked for a healthcare company, where he was responsible for scheduling an entire region. Josh explained that he loved his job and was good at it – even earning employee of the year honors. During a company audit, though, corporate officials discovered Josh did not have a high school diploma. Josh lost his job. By that time, Josh also had developed a serious heart condition.

            “It became very important for me to earn my high school diploma,” Josh explained.

            Through a friend’s recommendation, Josh decided to enroll in the Twilight School; he considers it among his best life decisions.

            “The teachers in Twilight School were wonderful,” Josh noted. “They were patient and understanding. They also worked around all of my health issues.”

            Josh completed all his needed courses – English, U.S. History, P.E., Business Math, and U.S. Government – in eight months, and was eligible to walk at the Kokomo High School Class of 2017 commencement in June. At first, Josh wasn’t planning to participate in the graduation ceremony because he felt he was too old. At the last minute, he changed his mind because he realized it was a momentous occasion.

            As Josh looked out over the 18-year-olds at graduation, he wanted to tell them to treasure the moment because they can’t possibly comprehend how important their Kokomo High School diploma is.

            “Walking at graduation was such a big moment for me,” Josh explained. “It was the coolest thing ever. Nothing could feel better than fulfilling this goal.”


Micky Driver

            Eighteen-year-old Micky Driver doesn’t know where he would be without the Twilight School. Micky likely would not have graduated with his Kokomo High School diploma, and certainly would not have applied to Indiana University Kokomo, with hopes of earning a degree in computer science.

            “I wasn’t bad at school, and I wasn’t a bad kid,” Micky explained. “I had some personal issues and social issues, which made the Twilight School a better fit for me.”

            Micky liked the individualized education plan in the Twilight program, where he was able to work at his own pace, and within his own timeline. Micky also appreciated the support he received from the Twilight teachers.

            “Mr. (Mat) Temme helped me with math, which is the subject I struggle with most, and Mrs. (Vanessa) Marsh pushed me to make sure I finished school on time,” Micky added.

            Micky graduated with his Kokomo High School class in June, and participated in the commencement exercise at Memorial Gym. Now, he has his sights set on a career as a software engineer. That would not have been possible without the Twilight School.

            “If I hadn’t enrolled in the Twilight program, I wouldn’t have finished high school at all,” Micky concluded. “I appreciate my Twilight teachers for helping me reach this point.”


Ginny Holmes

            Ginny Holmes, 42, dropped out of high school more than 20 years ago when she gave birth to her first child; she was nine credits shy of graduating. Ginny always knew that she wanted to return to school to earn her diploma; but for years, the timing wasn’t right as she raised her growing family.

            This year, though, Ginny realized she had some extra time on her hands, as four of her five children are grown now.

            “This seemed like the right time to go back to school,” Ginny noted.

            So in January, Ginny enrolled in the Twilight School to earn her Kokomo High School diploma.

            Teachers noted that Ginny’s work ethic was second to none. Ginny worked a full-time job, and then spent four hours a day, three days a week in the Twilight classroom to complete her course work. Many days she awoke before dawn and returned home after the sun had set.

            “I was motivated to graduate, and it paid off because I finished in about six months,” Ginny explained.

            The Twilight teachers helped Ginny reach this milestone. While Ginny liked to work on her own, it was nice to have a teacher on hand to answer questions, she added.

            Ginny wasn’t sure she would participate in the Kokomo High School graduation ceremony since she was older than most of the graduates. In the end, she decided she wanted that special experience.

            Ginny’s entire family gathered at Memorial Gym on June 2nd to watch her walk across stage at Memorial Gym to accept her Kokomo High School diploma.

            Ginny’s confidence was bolstered by the reaction she received from the younger graduates, who thought it was really cool that she had returned to school.

            “Graduation was a pretty awesome experience,” Ginny said. “I’m glad I enrolled in the Twilight School.”


Quinlyn Copeland

            Eighteen-year-old Quinlyn Copeland struggled in school, and just kept falling further and further behind in her classes.

            “I was doing really poorly in school,” Quinlyn explained. “I wasn’t on track to graduate with my class at Kokomo High School. By the beginning of my senior year, I needed 19 credits to graduate.”

            When counselors suggested she enroll in the Twilight School, Quinlyn thought it was a good idea. Later, Quinlyn would say it was the best thing she could have done.

            “The Twilight program was a much better place for me,” Quinlyn said. “I had fewer distractions, and was able to work at my own pace. I could sleep in some mornings and not feel so groggy at school.”

            Quinlyn came into the Twilight classroom twice a week, and then worked from home on the weekends. When Quinlyn was at school, she asked teachers questions, and the Twilight staff worked with her one-on-one to make sure she understood the material. That intimate experience was vital to her success, Quinlyn noted.

            “In the Twilight School, you have multiple teachers with different skills to help you when you don’t understand something,” Quinlyn added. “If you have a question, the Twilight teachers will take the time to answer it for you.”

            Quinlyn started her senior year 19 credits shy of graduation, but through the Twilight School completed those credits with time to spare. Quinlyn finished her courses three weeks before graduation. That success wouldn’t be possible without the Twilight program.

            “I would recommend the Twilight School to anyone,” Quinlyn concluded. “I believe many people… both young and old… could find success through this program.”


Dionna Webb

            Eighteen-year-old Dionna Webb enrolled in the Twilight School her junior year, and knew right away that it was the right move for her.

            “I was one of those people who hated school, so the Twilight program was a better fit for me,” Dionna explained.

            While Dionna didn’t dislike her high school courses, she didn’t like the social aspects of school, and the teen drama. All of those issues disappeared in the Twilight program, where students work quietly at their own pace.

            “Through Twilight, I finished most of my work at home,” Dionna noted. “I came in to work in the Twilight classroom when I needed help or when I had questions.”

             Dionna added that she gained some valuable skills through the Twilight program that will continue to help her in the future.

            “The Twilight School helped me become an independent learner, which I believe will help me in college,” Dionna said.

            Over the summer, Dionna took the courses necessary to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and hopes to work as a CNA while she completes her college courses. Dionna was accepted to Indiana University Kokomo, where she will pursue the degrees necessary to become a Nurse Practitioner.

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