PYP Exhibition

PYP Exhibition
PYP Exhibition

            Pint-sized versions of Johnny Appleseed, Janice Voss, Wilbur Wright, Gus Grissom, and other famous Hoosiers recently shared their life stories at Lafayette Park International Elementary School.

            Fourth-graders at the International Baccalaureate school concluded their Indiana History unit on famous Hoosiers by creating a Wax Museum in the school’s gymnasium.

            “For this unit, we focused on people who have influenced the world,” Lafayette Park teacher Renee Miller explained. “The students seemed to really enjoy the project.”

            The 4th-graders chose someone famous and influential who was born and/or raised in Indiana (living or dead) to depict in the museum. The students then spent a week researching their subjects, while delving into their lives. That research was used to create a slideshow or tri-fold board to present at their museum exhibit. Finally, the students dressed as their subjects, or depicted them in another way, such as through a sock puppet.

            The students’ hard work was displayed during the Wax Museum. Fourth-grade parents and other Lafayette Park students visited the various museum exhibits, where they learned about the lives of Hoosiers.

            Fourth-grader Peyton Sullivan dressed as an astronaut, and offered visitors a taste of space cheese.

            “I am Janice Voss,” Peyton told those who stopped at her exhibit. “I was the first woman to go to outer space five times. I was born in South Bend, Indiana, and I was an engineer at MIT before becoming an astronaut.”

            Lukah Kincaid made a hat from a coffee tin, wore a knapsack on her shoulder, and stood barefoot at her exhibit, as she assumed the role of Jonathan Chapman… better known as Johnny Appleseed.

            Lukah chose to depict Johnny Appleseed because Johnny didn’t like wearing shoes, and she doesn’t either.

            “I thought it was fun researching famous people and learning about their lives,” Lukah noted. “I learned that Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees all over Central Indiana. I also learned that he liked telling stories, and he loved playing with animals. Johnny also tried to make peace between white men and Native Americans.”

            Brennon Williamson dressed as Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop.” Brennon’s tri-fold board was filled with interesting facts that Brennon learned during his research. He found that Michael Jackson joined the Jackson 5 at the age of five, and gave his first performance that same year, singing “Climb Every Mountain.” In 1984, Michael won 8 Grammy’s, the highest amount won by one person in a single year.

            McKenna Hemsoth dressed in a shirt and tie as she assumed the role of a history maker.

            “My name is Wilbur Wright,” McKenna explained to her visitors. “I made the first airplane. Before working on making airplanes, my brother and I were printers. My nickname was Ullam, and I died of Typhoid Fever.”

            As the students entertained their visitors with a living history presentation, the fourth-grade teachers walked around and evaluated the exhibits, including the oral presentation.

            The 4th-graders impressed Ms. Miller.

            “This is the big 4th-grade project,” Ms. Miller said. “It requires a great deal of work, and the students did a great job. They really took ownership of their work.”

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