FAQ-Virtual Learning Option

FAQ – Kokomo Schools Virtual Learning (K-12) Program Option

Q: What if I decide in the middle of the school year that the virtual learning program option is not a good fit for my student … Can my child transfer to our designated corporation school, or another school in the district?

A: Kokomo School Corporation has a very clear process for requesting to transfer a student within the district.


Q: Can my child participate in after-school activities and participate on middle school and high school athletic teams?

A: Yes, your student will have the same opportunities as all district students.


Q: What happens if my student’s school-issued laptop breaks, or stops working?

A: If the laptop is a Kokomo Schools rental, you simply submit a computer help-desk request and a KSC tech will assist you as quickly as possible to troubleshoot your issue. If the KSC device needs repaired, your student will receive a “loaner” laptop.


Q: How will I know if the Virtual Learning program is right for my student?

A: The KSC virtual learning coordinator will work with families to ensure that virtual learning is the right fit for their student(s).


Q: What is the attendance policy for Virtual Learning students?

A. Attendance procedures, assignment completion, and assessments will be the same as students physically attending a classroom in a brick and mortar school.


Q: What type of curriculum will my child receive in the Virtual Learning program? How is it different, or the same, as students in KSC classroom?

A: Lessons will follow the same curriculum maps and pacing guides for district students at the same grade level, while lessons will be sent daily with the expectation that students have the capabilities to complete assignments online.


Q: Will the lessons or instruction be only virtual, or real time, as well?

A: Some instruction will occur using a virtual teaching platform to simulate an

in-person classroom situation through live class discussions, video presentations, and/or recorded lectures.


Q. What if I do not have my own device?

A: KSC devices can be provided to the Virtual Learning students. Families will be expected to pay the technology fee for the device, as well as book fees for any materials that accompany the Virtual Learning program. Families will have the option to use their own devices, rather than paying rental fees. The advantage of using a KSC rental is that those devices will be serviced, and repaired, by the KSC Technology Department, while a KSC loaner will be provided in the event that the KSC device needs repair.


Q: Does my KSC Virtual Learning student have to take the same assessments as those KSC students attending school in a classroom setting?

A: Students in grades K-5 will be assessed at the beginning of year (Kindergartners in late September), middle of year, and end of year with the iREADY diagnostic along with the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment. Students in grades 6-8 will also be required to come to the building to take the iREADY diagnostic BOY, MOY, and EOY. Students in grades 9 and 10 will take NWEA assessments BOY, MOY, EOY.  Virtual Learning students in grades 3rd through 8th, and 10th-graders will participate in all State standardized testing as required by the State. These tests will be taken at a designated KSC school.


Q: How will my Virtual Learning student be assessed regularly at home?

A: Standards Mastery assessments will be provided to students at home to gather data concerning their mastery of standards.


Q: What type of subjects will be covered?

A: English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Writing, Science, Social Studies and Social Skills … will be provided weekly to Virtual Learning students.


Q: What happens when new concepts or standards are introduced?

A: Classroom teachers will use video conferencing with students during the introduction of new concepts, or a recorded session by the KSC teacher instructing the new concept, will be available.


Q: What about mental health support and/or social services for Virtual Learning students?

A: 4 County school-based and home-based case managers will work with Virtual Learning families, upon request, to ensure students have proper social and emotional support, as well as support for daily attendance and work completion.

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